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Alaska’s Weed Economy: Go Local

Steven Aufrecht’s blog compares the emerging Alaska cannabis rush with the old Alaska gold rushes. I think he’s got a point. Aufrecht points out that only a few got very rich from gold. Many people got a little something from … Continue reading

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Men as mechanical failures

Curious things, words. Recently, a colleague sent me a link to an Upworthy piece about the Attorney General of Kentucky announcing he would not defend KY’s ban on same-sex marriage. The title of the article described the AG, Jack Conway, … Continue reading

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Flame Into Grace

Sarafina and Teresina Saracino My singer-songwriter friend, BeJae Fleming, says that many songwriters believe that instead of writing songs, they channel them. I definitely feel that way with this song, “Flame Into Grace.” The song is about two sisters, Sarafina and Teresina … Continue reading

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Sophie Sergie: Never Forget

Incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault at University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) have to be viewed within our particular context. Alaska has the highest per capita rate of domestic violence in America. Alaska has the highest rate of sexual assault … Continue reading

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Minions of Patriarchy

adapted from Suzy Exposito, aka Suzy X. See more of her rad fem cartoons, including the original version of the one above, here:

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Patriarchy Wins at UAF

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), claimed victory today in the patriarchal war against women being waged at the local level at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Read the press release here: I am intrigued by FIRE’s … Continue reading

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