Eva Creek: Creation of My First Graphic Novel

On June 1, 2020, I began work on an online graphic novel development course offered by the Sequential Artists Workshop, or SAW. Our instructors, Tom Hart and Emma Jensen, have put together a fabulous course full of resources, and have established an online community through the Mighty Networks platform.

My graphic novel is entitled Eva Creek. The plot started out as a road trip featuring two elderly lesbians (and their cat and dog) who, exhausted by city life, set off on a road trip to Alaska. But after viewing the resources provided by the SAW class, conversations among my classmates about their own work, and completing the initial assignments, the plot has morphed considerably. Now, (writing on June 27), the plot centers around five women who meet each other while on the road to Alaska. While on the road, each recounts their experiences with institutionalized sexism and the trauma caused by patriarchal social structures. Around the campfire one evening, our five protagonists determine they need to do something about patriarchy, like toppling it. Once in Alaska, they discover an old, abandoned mining camp in the historic village of Eva Creek, Alaska. There, they found a free, feminist school for girls and, in the process, transform the local community around them.

In this space, I plan to share my journey of creating my first graphic novel. The course lasts for six months, through the end of November, 2020. I welcome you to ride along with me.

And yes, there will be plenty of sociological fiddling!

About sineanahita

Alaska's fiddling sociologist
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