Gag Cartooning

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis of Spring 2020, I signed up to take an online gag cartooning class with Emily Flake, who creates for The New Yorker. Gag cartoons are single panel cartoons. The class was through the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), a grassroots organization that, until COVID, offered the majority of its courses in face-to-face classes in Gainesville, Florida. But with the nation-wide stay-at-home orders, SAW instructors saw the opportunity to expand its classes to online.

Here are some of the cartoons that I created. These came from prompts given by the instructor, e.g. cave painting, cat and mouse, God, and asking for directions. We were to twist the original meaning of each word or phrase. These were great fun to do. Two of them are Alaska specific; folks who do not live in Alaska, or are otherwise unfamiliar with our fish and other wildlife, may not get the gag, so I will provide hints.

Occasionally, male supremacists drop by my site to leave nasty comments. I hope this cartoon pisses them off.
The prompt was to re-purpose the classic cat and mouse relationship.
A sheefish is a type of fish found in Alaska waters.
Arctic caribou migrate across vast distances in northern Alaska and Canada. They do not, however, migrate to Southern California. This cartoon was created after we learned design, e.g. with objects in the drawing pointing to the main action. Hence the hair, shadows, smoke, eyes, and surfboards all point to the unfortunate Hal.
The prompt was to recast an angel. My fat angel is sweet and pretty, and she refuses to feel body shame.
Since COVID-19 locked down my workplace, I feel like I have been trapped inside Zoom meetings. The person in the fourth quadrant has found a way to escape.
Several of my classmates drew COVID-related cartoons. Four of us got together and submitted our work to the Penn State University Press for their COVID cartoon anthology. This is one of the ones that I submitted.
This cartoon originated last year when I took a cartooning class with Jamie Smith. I did a whole series of cartoons for his class about cowboys’ obsession with black coffee. I revamped it for Emily’s gag cartooning class after learning some new skills.
Many of these are true stories. Barking dogs, cat tails blocking our view, and questions about whether or not participants are wearing pants.

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