The meeting

manterruption 2.0The long-awaited, but hastily scheduled meeting started ten minutes late. Tensions were high, and hostility quickly escalated as a New Idea was tentatively floated. One or two of my male colleagues have quick tempers and tend to interrupt women, even when women ask them not to. Later, after the meeting, another male colleague came to my office to tell me that he admired me for being feisty. I accepted his compliment, even though the word, “feisty,” is fraught with meanings. Oxford’s online dictionary definition for example: “Adjective of a person, typically one who is relatively small, lively, determined, and courageous.” It is a crying shame that women have to be “courageous” to advocate for their ideas, or that we have to be “determined” to stop men from interrupting us. Plum Kettle (heroine of “Dietland,”) is right. Patriarchy sucks.


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