Minions of Patriarchy

Minions of Patriarchy

adapted from Suzy Exposito, aka Suzy X. See more of her rad fem cartoons, including the original version of the one above, here:

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1 Response to Minions of Patriarchy

  1. Philip Rose says:

    Hello again! Interesting cartoon, but just one thing. The sort of comments being uttered here by men are soooo common in female circles. You know the scenario: woman is in a group of women. she leaves, the moment she is out of sight it’s like ‘OMG, she exaggerates’, ‘OMG, she’s let herself go’, ‘She’s lying about her husband’ and so on. If I were to draw a similar cartoon, I would have four ladies. The first would be saying something like ‘He’s incapable of emotion’, the second would say ‘He just doesn’t listen’, the third would say ‘He’s an insensitive pig’ and the fourth would say ‘Typical man, makes mountains out of molehills’. OK that’s not such a good effort. What I’m trying to say is that entrenched negative gender views are on both sides. And if you experience the gay community – oh Lord, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish! Men saying just those sorts of things about men! Oh well.

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