Patriarchy Wins at UAF

Keep-Calm-and-Subvert-PatriarchyThe Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), claimed victory today in the patriarchal war against women being waged at the local level at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Read the press release here:

I am intrigued by FIRE’s claim that they helped to bring about the victory. I had suspected for several weeks that they had become involved in the complaint and appeal process, and wonder how much influence they had over the university’s decision.

On the bright side, many people have expressed their outrage against the university’s decision to support sexism. Several women students have courageously stepped forward to discuss possible resistance strategies. They are the real freedom fighters.

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6 Responses to Patriarchy Wins at UAF

  1. Anon says:

    FIRE’s letter to the university (and the university’s response) are linked in the press release.

  2. sineanahita says:

    Thanks, Anon, for telling us where the FIRE letter is located. The threatening tone of FIRE’s letter reveals that the minions of patriarchy are running scared.

  3. Censorship is not the answer to objectionable speech, the answer is challenging what has been said with speech of your own.

  4. sineanahita says:

    Anthony, thanks for your comment. I do not advocate censorship, but I do advocate for justice. I agree with you that the answer to “objectionable speech” is more speech. Which is why you and I are having this conversation in the first place 🙂

    I will use every tool available to me to help make rape culture extinct at my university. Title IX and my university’s grievance process are two tools available to activists who seek to make UAF safe for women to live, study, and work.

  5. Probably the saddest part of this whole episode is the scene it conjures up of a sad, bitter, angry woman sitting in the dark with this rage bubbling inside her. And finally, all that resentment and bile morphs into self-righteous sanctimony and fury at a world that can actually smile and laugh.

    I’m sure the world will hear from you again – people like you have no regard for other perspectives outside your own, other people’s money, time, resources, the list goes on.

    I feel sorry that your selfish and short-sighted nature is clouding your judgement. Good luck because at this point, desperation has clearly begun to set in.

    • sineanahita says:

      Did you ever see that Ms. magazine cover? A comic book man says to a woman, “Do you know the women’s movement has no sense of humor?” And she responds, “No, but hum a few bars and I’ll fake it.”

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